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Kang Feng, Secretary of the district Party committee, meets

On April 20, Kang Feng, Secretary of the district Party committee, met with Wang Min, chairman and general manager of Wuxi Hengda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to discuss project cooperation. Longquan, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee, and Tan Honghai, Secretary of the street party committee, accompanied the meeting.

 Kang Feng welcomed the arrival of Wang Min and his party. He pointed out that Wuxi Hengda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a strong, responsible and high-level enterprise. It has made outstanding achievements in dust-free room construction, mechanical and electrical installation, research and development of high-end equipment, and has accumulated rich experience. In recent years, with the goal of building a new energy "power Valley" and China's medical chip "Silicon Valley", Anyuan has vigorously promoted the new energy industry and the electronic information industry based on artificial intelligence manufacturing. It is hoped that the two sides will take this negotiation as an opportunity to lay a good foundation for friendly cooperation.

Wang Min introduced the basic situation, development history, advantages, rich engineering experience and strong construction team of Wuxi Hengda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in detail. He said that through the docking and communication with Anyuan District, he fully felt the strong atmosphere of "attracting investment, pro business, safe business and rich business" in Anyuan District, and also felt the enthusiasm of Anyuan District in developing industry And strong momentum.


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